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Complete Beginner's Golf Guide

We get it. Playing golf can be challenging, especially to new players – so many rules, and multiple clubs. Then, we have the argots such as bogeys and birdies and bump-and-runs. But you do not need to worry anymore because this golf guide was created to simplify everything for you. We will tell you everything in this guide for golf to help you get started and start golfing like a pro!

The Mental Game of Golf

Golf, from design to gameplay, is a game of confidence and competence. Well, we are not saying that if you lack physical skills you can become a winner in minutes. If you trust a bad swing, the result will be a bad shot. In this golf guide, we emphasize that when you get control of your mind, it becomes easy to stay ahead of competitors. So here is how the mental game works.

  • Always play great. Avoid playing poorly.
  • Whatever the challenge of the day is, love it. Then, learn and become better.
  • Focus on the process to get the best results.
  • To play freely, believe in yourself.
  • Before you hit the ball, make sure to look where you want it to go.

Golf Guide for Beginners

Now that you know that golf is a mental game, how do you go about playing in the field? Here is a guide for golf playing for beginners.

  • Start by practicing on the range as opposed to the course. A range is better for getting you acclimated to golf. Besides, you can take as long as you want, and the pressure is low. In this golf guide, we also insist that you should not worry about everyone who is there, even the pros started as beginners too.
  • Consider starting with cavity-back clubs as opposed to traditional bladed models. Cavity-back clubs also referred to as peripheral-weighted clubs, come with an oversized head and, therefore, bigger “sweet spot.” Because the area where the club contacts the ball is larger, you are able to avoid what would have been a disastrous shot with other clubs. Indeed, you will realize that some professionals still prefer cavity-back clubs.
  • Work with a professional to get the basics and the right swing. This will give you a better start because you will be able to learn how experts do it. To make the process even simpler, consider recruiting a friend to learn with you.
  • Do not neglect the putting. It is not uncommon to find many people emphasizing on the driving range with hundreds of long-range shots. But neglecting to learn about putting will be a mistake because puts account for approximately 50% of strokes in every game.
  • Make sure to work on your grip. When playing golf, it is only your hands that come into contact with the club. Therefore, getting the right grip is a good strategy to help you understand and make the right swing. Common grips include the Vardon, interlocking, and baseball.
  • Do not get pressured by other golfers. One of the most important things that we emphasize in this guide to golf is that you should not play under pressure. While it is true that you might get yourself playing with top golfers, you should know that everyone has a starting point. Therefore, make sure to focus on the game and not other players.
  • Make it fun. You will only be able to play golf well if you make it fun. Organize or participate in ball striking challenges and putting content to gauge your skills. This will make the game fun and help you develop more skills.

Popular Tournaments

In this golf guide, we represent you the four most important golf tournaments that take place every year, also known as “majors” or major championships. These are the Masters, the British Open, the US Open, and the PGA (Professional Golf Association) Championship. Note that all the tournaments are part of the PGA European Tour and PGA Tour.

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Although golf might look complex, you only need to be focused and use this golf guide to grow and become a pro. Remember to use every opportunity, especially competitions and tournaments, to learn something new. That is how to grow in golf and ultimately become an expert golfer.



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