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The golf industry is convinced that tourism is the driving force behind this activity, which causes sixty million people to practice it, and many of them travel around the planet to enjoy the countryside of their dreams. For the past four years, the Golf World Awards, known as the Oscar del Golf, have been awarded, recognizing the excellence of the selected courses and their surroundings. In this edition, held at La Manga Club, the complex got the award of the best golf destination in Europe. At the global level, there are seven other venues to enjoy.

  1. La Manga Club (Spain) – Best European Destination

The Murcia resort, which has just celebrated its 45th anniversary in style, is more than consolidated internationally. With three high competition golf courses and a spectacular five-star hotel (Príncipe Felipe), it meets all the demands of golfers. But it also meets the needs of other sportsmen and women, as it has a complete spa, tennis and paddle tennis courts and football pitches that are in great demand by professional teams for their pre-season training.

  1. Portugal – Best World Destination

The neighboring country has once again been chosen as the complete place to enjoy golf. Despite not having a large extension, it has about ninety courses of the most varied kind, always characterized by the care of the facilities and the friendliness of the employees. Although there are playing spots all over the country, the most touristic areas are centered in the Lisbon area and the Algarve, and even in Madeira and the Azores.

  1. Andrews (Scotland) – Best course in the world

The most modern is not always the most desirable. This is the case with the Old Course at St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf, the crown jewel that every amateur aspires to set foot on. It is the oldest course in the world, pure links where nature marks the ease of the game, but always taking into account the harshness of the fairways and the unpredictability of its bunkers and greens. The medieval environment of the university town contributes to abstract from reality for a few hours.

  1. West Cliffs (Portugal) – Best new course in the world

From the Dye factory, this new route located in Óbidos, one hour north of Lisbon, is a new success for landscape architecture linked to sport. The latest environmental construction techniques have been used, and the green of the fairways and greens have been integrated with the dunes and coastal vegetation, offering impressive views of the Atlantic Ocean from all the holes. A marvel for the senses.

  1. Bukit Pandawa (Indonesia) – Best Par 3 in the World

The new concept of saving time by playing golf is being brought to the fore in Bali in a big way. Impregnated with the local culture, they have built a highly competitive 18-hole par three course that takes the guesswork out of its complexity. Some have to be played over the Indian Ocean, dodging cliffs and sand traps but must fend for themselves with the many lakes that surround them. Best of all, the tour can be completed in just two hours, allowing you to engage in other travel activities on the same day.

  1. Ekerum (Sweden) – The best ecological field in the world

Located on an island in the North Sea, this complete course has 54 holes of golf treated with the utmost environmental care, which are considered among the best in the country. The history of the estate goes back to the 14th century, and in the most recent period, it was linked to agriculture and livestock farming. Today, visitors to the estate enjoy a complete natural tour. They boast the greenest facilities in Sweden, open all year round.

  1. The Grand (Vietnam) – World’s Best Golf Hotel

A fundamental element for the traveling golfer is the hotel in which he stays. If the course you play and your clubhouse are good, but then the accommodation does not respond, the experience will not be complete. That is why establishments such as The Grand, which serves the Ho Tram Strip, a sports resort where Sergio García won in 2015, stand out. Its spectacular suites overlooking the ocean will remain forever in the memory.

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