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If you are a golf expert this article will be like a review of your favorite school subject, but sometimes you will come across something new despite everything that has already been written and rewritten several times. Our hope, in this guide to golf courses, is to make you aware of everything related to golf in general. Maybe with some anecdotes that will probably surprise and amuse you, as we did with ourselves when we learned about them.

If, on the other hand, you’re a golfer on your first swing or you’re getting closer to this wonderful discipline, well, I hope it can help you quench your thirst for knowledge a little bit. Let’s start the journey then.

As in all sports, men have their own tournaments in golf and women have their own tournaments in their category. At the individual competition level, there are the American Men’s Championship (PGA Tour for men and LPGA Tour for women) and the European Championship. In this article, we will only include a small introduction related to the various tournaments, followed by in-depth articles about each individual competition.

Starting from the fact that there are 4 majors (the most prestigious, historical and fascinating competitions) in men’s professional golf, and that even some non-golfers know their names, many do not know exactly how to place them chronologically in the history of golf. Many people know that for example, the British Open is the most historical but, which tournament was conceived and played immediately after? The PGA Championship, the Augusta Masters or the US Open?

Open Championship

You should know that the most important, fascinating and historically rich trophy is undoubtedly the one called “The Open Championship”, which is the British Open Championship and has been held (obviously) in Great Britain since 1860. As a guide, the Professionals compete for it on the third weekend in July.

US Open

Many consider it the best competition to win because it can be truly considered the “Open” tournament par excellence, as it is really open to everyone. It represents the American dream. It is usually organized around the third Sunday of June.

PGA Championship

Also this tournament, conceived by the Association of American Golf Professionals, is held on the beautiful courses of the United States. It is generally played around the middle of August, more or less 4 weeks after the British Open (Open Championship).


This Major is the only one of the 4 that is always played on the same route. It is an invitation-only competition and its selection criteria are really strict and restrictive. Every year the best Professionals compete in the second weekend of April.

On the Four Majors

Winning a Major for a professional is often one of the most important goals of the career because, if he is already famous he is automatically included in the “golf legends” and sponsors approach him with fairytale contracts, if not famous he is immediately brought to the fore with prestige and worldwide fame. Another really important thing is that he will automatically be invited directly to the final stages of the tournament won earlier, thus avoiding all the risks that involve the qualifications that many others will have to try to overcome.

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